Go boards and stones

Go boards and stones

Here you find our selection of Go boards and stones. They range from basic models up to extraordinary pieces. Mind that it is especially the material of the board and the pieces which makes the biggest difference. Have a look and, of course, feel free to contact us for any questions!

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  • Boards (gobans)

    "Goban" (碁盤) is the Japanese word for Go table. Chinese boards are generally square; Japanese and Korean boards are slightly longer than wide, so that they appear square when viewed from a normal playing position. It is especially the material and the thickness which make a difference and distinguishes basic boards from fancier ones, and of course one can even find very precious collector´s pieces. Gobans made of “Torreyq nucifera”, a tree native to southern Japan which can reach an age of 600 years, are often said to be the best ones. Since it is very rare however, many boards are also made of Sitka spruce wood or of Katsura, a flower tree from China and Japan. Furthermore, there are basically two types of tables : those coming with feet and those without ; one puts them on a table or any appropriate ground. As for the latter, we recommend to choose at least 5-6 cm of thickness.

  • Stones

    In Europe little we commonly know little about the fine difference between different types of Go stones. As they look basically the same, their thickness varies. Most players and experts agree that about 9mm was perfect, yet it is a matter of taste. As for the material, price, quality, and beauty vary too. Plastic ones are most affordable, yet tend to offer little aesthetical satisfaction. A bit more advanced are those made of “pâte de verre” (French for “glass paste”). This material consists of grinded glass to which a binder has been added. But if you intend to use your stones more often or to have a really nice Go set, you might want to have a look at those made of nacre (mother-of-pearl) which come in white colour. There are actually three levels of quality: Yuki (snow), the most wanted, Tsuki (moon; with more shades of grey), and Jitsuyo (rather brownish). In the same category of quality but of black colour are those made of slate. This little description is to give you a first guideline, but do not hesitate to contact us for any more questions and advice.

  • Go sets

    Here you find Go sets which include both a board and stones, ready to kick off.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 20 items