Here you will find vast selection of both classical and modern brain games such as Mastermind, but also classical board games like checkers or modern ones such as The Settlers of Catan. In short, everything you need to spend a fun time with two or more players, be it lovers of classical or modern games.

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  • Backgammon

    Backgammon is the most popular board game combining both chance and logic. While it had been popular especially in the United States and the Middle East, it is now gaining popularity in Belgium and Western Europe. In this section you find game sets, books, software... in short: all you need to discover a world of fun in which luck and logic go hand in hand.

  • Mahjong

    Mahjong is especially popular in China and requires strategy, calculation, and a certain degree of chance. In this section we offer both Mahjong sets as well as some literature to familiarise you with the typical gameplay and its tactics.

  • International mind games

    Here you find a selection of miscellaneous traditional games, most of which from other continetns. For example Mahjong from China, Shogi from Japan (the "Japanese chess"), Awele from Western Africa, Fanorona from Madagascar...

  • Modern tactical games

    These modern games are perfect for those who want to discover new horizons of play. Sometimes classical ideas are dealt with in a new way, sometimes completely new ideas are put forward...

  • Games for children

    This is our offer of games designed especially, yet by far not only, for children. For a greater selection of games, in particular for youngsters beneath the age of 8 years, see also our other boutique in Brussels:

  • Travelling games

    Along with the small ones, these games are especially fit for travellings, excursion, and parties alike.

  • Small games

    "Small games" means you find here our offer of physically small games, most of which do not require boards and can be played with cards only. This makes them ideal of excursion and travellings, but also for parties and as small presents.

  • Trade, bidding &...

    Here we offer you all kinds of games that have something to do with trading and negotiating. Have a look at this diverse and surprising collection!

  • Action & science-fiction

    This section is dedicated in particular to those who love enjoying the thrill and fun of action games with their partners, friends, or family. It is a vast collection of different games, so have a look and see what fits best your preferences.

  • Two-players games

    Here you find a nice selection of games designed especially for two players.

  • Strategy & discovering
  • Logic games

    There is a lot to discover between Cluedo and Mastermind! See yourself...

  • Knowledge and party games

    Here you find a broad collection of entertaining party games or rather knowledge-based games, including classics like the "Trivial Pursuit" series.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 182 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 182 items